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Natural Wedding Photography in Hertfordshire

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Earlier in the week we started taking a look of the wedding of Annette and Ian in Hertford. They got married at the stunning Hertford County Hall, and so after the ceremony we headed out into the grounds.

Here we started by getting the group shots that Annette and Ian had requested. Straight after the ceremony is alway a great time to get the confetti shots and any picture with family and friends, as we still have everyone together.

As much fun as the group shots are, what we really love is the moment after. When we can send guests away to get drinks and canopies and find out where they are sitting for the wedding breakfast! Then we are able to spend ale to spend some time with the Bride and Groom and get some wonderful couple portraits. It also allows for the Bride and Groom a few quiet moments of reflection.

With the modelling work over, Annette and Ian headed off to join their guests in a wonderful Restaurant in the centre of Hertford. For the Bride, this will be the first chance to say hello to friend and family, and have many a brief catch ups, and a few quick introductions too no doubt!

It was wonderful to be a part of Annette and Ian’s Wedding day, and for a chance to shoot at Herford County Hall’s wonderful arches!

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

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