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Photography in Black and White

Monochrome Wedding Photographer

From very early in my photographic career, I have always love photography in black and white. I used to work a lot with black and white film. Since the advent of digital we still process a lot of our work in black and white, and for our wedding photography we include all processed images in both colour and black & white.

Today we are going to take a look at the wedding of Sophie & Timi in Black & White. Sophie & Timi’s Wedding at Cavendish Country House first appeared on our blog a few weeks, where we looked at their beautiful Wedding Ceremony and incredibly fun Wedding Reception at this wonderful wedding venue.

Sophie had been a close friend for many years, so this wedding had a personal connection, and it was wonderful to see her say ‘I Do’ to her soul mate Timi. We started our day at Cavendish Country house getting a few shots of this wonderful venue. We anxiously waited for the Bride’s arrival, as she had got ready at her parent’s house close and then arrived in the car with the father of the bride.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and then a wonderful reception. The Party was in full swing in the main room, with quieter moment in the breakaway rooms, some of which were fabulously decorated. Having known Sophie for so long it was wonderful to be a part of the day.

Colour Wedding Photography

All of this talk of black and white photography is not to say that we don’t work in colour! Of course we do! You can see more of our work in our Colour Wedding Photography Gallery, a small selection of our favourite work from 2012 to 2016! There will be an update to that at some point, but in the mean time all of our recent work, both in colour and black & white will be on the blog, so keep an eye on that for regular updates about where we’ve been and what we’re working on!