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Wedding Photos in Black and White

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We took a look at Sarah and Dominic’s Wedding on the blog a little while ago, as well as their Engagement Shoot. However, regular readers will know that we also like to take a look back at out wedding photos in Black and White.

Sarah and Dominic got married at a beautiful ceremony at Loughton Methodist Church before heading to the St. Barnabas Centre in Bishop’s Stortford for a wonderful Wedding Reception. We got a wonderful Confetti Photograph at the entrance of the Church in Loughton. Then we got some beautiful Bride and Groom Portraits in the grounds of St. Barnabas and St. James Church.

Black and White has always been a large part of my photography. I used to shoot black and white film on my Nikon F75 (which still appears at a couple of Weddings!), and since moving to digital, I still process most of my work in black and white. Digital however allows me to work with both, and use colour to bring out the colours of the day, and black and white to how the lines and shape.

There are so many parts to a wedding day like Sarah and Dominic’s. Those moments that are bursting with colour, and those monochrome moment where we want to bring the focus of the image. So we feel that black and white helps to tell the full story of the day.

Black and White Wedding Photography

We have an entire Black and White Wedding Gallery, where you can take a look at a little bit more of our Black and White Wedding Photography. We include Black and White edits of all the images we deliver in all of our packages, so you’ll have the full story of your Wedding Day in Colour and Black and White.