About John Turner

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m John, a wedding photographer based in Cambridge, covering Weddings in Cambridgeshire as well as throughout the UK. I have loved photography since I was old enough to pick up a camera and rolls of film in the fridge awaiting processing or to be loaded into the camera for the next adventure were a common sight.
My other passions in life are travel and music. I really enjoy exploring new places and the chance to immerse yourself in new cultures is always something I immensely enjoy. It also fits in very well with photography, and capturing to soul or essence of place takes a number of different styles of photography, covering landscape, architecture, people and macro, in many ways like wedding photography, and it is a lot of fun capturing and then bring these images together.
My love of music often leads me into record store to buy a random bunch of albums to see what I discover. It has also led me to combine my passions and photograph live music shows. While discovering new music, it also gives me a chance to work on some low light photography, something which I love, and that I also put into effect at Weddings, once the Lights go down and it’s time to drink Champagne and Dance on the Tables, as in the evening there’s still a great story to be told, and some amazing lighting to tell it against. This is as well as a few creative shoots for artists portfolios and album and EP covers, this is both an opportunity to get some great portrait shots and do something a little more creative.
When I put my camera down I enjoy running, and completed my first marathon last year with my brother and a few friends. Training at the same time created a great atmosphere, and a bit of healthy competition, and it was great to run with people on the day. I do also like a bit of time at home and I’m keen film and Nintendo fan and still myself playing slight too much Tetris!

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Behind the camera I just love being able to tell the story of your wedding day, from the nervous excitement as the bride and groom get ready, through the tears of joy at ‘I do’, the laughs during the wedding speeches and the relief when the first dance has gone to plan and everyone hits the dance floor.
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