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A little while ago on the blog we looked at the beautiful Wedding of Sophie and Tom at St. James Church in Bishops’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. For all our wedding we don’t just send the images in Colour, we also process all our images in black and White.

And by processing we don’t mind just clicking a button to convert to black and white, we specifically process all the images again in black and white, as what works for a colour edit, might not look great in black and white and vice-versa. Black and white changes an image and what you focus on within the image, the colours of the bouquet, in black and white becomes the lines of the stems and shape of the flowers.

Of course, this blog post give us another opportunity to re-visit Sophie and Tom’s Wedding, one of our favourite year, and it was held a stone throws away from where I grew up, so it was also wonderful to re-visit memories from another time. But I digress, Sophie and Tom’s Wedding was a beautiful day.

It started at the bride’s parents house, where bridesmaids got ready and the sense of nervous anticipation was in the air. The day had it all, Sophie’s wedding dress was stunning, amazing wedding car, a ceremony filled with emotion, and a groom that broke out the guitar and finished his speech with a song. Everyone continued to celebrate late in the evening as people drank champagne and danced… on the dance floor. and a fitting end to a wonderful day.

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