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Wedding at Queens College

Black And White Photography

Wedding At Anstey Hall

Even at a young age, when I first took up photography, I have always loved black and white photography. So now, we offer black and white photography as a part of all our wedding photography packages. So today we are taking a look back at the wonderful wedding of Tamsin and Alex at Anstey Hall in Cambridge, entirely in black and white.

Tamsin and Alex got married at Anstey Hall in the Spring of 2015, and it was beautifully sunny for their bid day. This meant that they could use all the grounds of this wonderful venue. The ceremony in the hall upstairs, drinks and canopies on the lawn, with some beautiful bride and groom portraits in the stunning grounds. Antsy Hall is also a fantastically well organised Wedding Venue, and not having anything to worry about, is how your wedding day should be!

But why black and white? We feel black and white brings a different feel to the image, without the sometimes distraction of colour, you see the lines in the picture, the shape of objects and feelings and emotions of the subject. We also don;t believe that one size, does not fit all, so when we convert pictures into black and white, we don’t simply press a button. We re-process, look at again at the story of the image, and then how we feel is best to convey that story with exposure, contrast and clarity. So we are very proud of our black and white photography, and the story we feel it tells.

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