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Over our last couple of Wedding Photography Blog posts we‘ve been looking back over the Wedding of Christopher and Hannah. We saw the Stunning Arrival of Our Bride Hannah in a Vintage Bentley. And then a Wonderful Wedding Ceremony as well as some Portraits with our Bride and Groom.

Wedding Reception

Wedding Days are all about Tradition. You have the wonder formal one in the Ceremony and exchange of the ring. But then as we go in the afternoon, we have the less formal parts of the Wedding Reception.

Wedding Day in the Sun

With a gloriously sunny day, friends and family were first able to catch in the grounds of our Wedding Venue, The Bustard Inn in the Village of South Rauceby in Lincolnshire. I always love seeing the smiles and laughter as people see each other, sometimes for the first time in an age, and share a joke and the joy of the day.

Breakfast and Speeaches

Finally we have the Wedding Breakfast, but before that, there maybe a few speeches. The Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man all paid Beautiful tribute to our Bride and Groom. It was a wonderful end to a Great day with Christopher and Hannah at the Wonderful Bustard Inn, I was honoured to be their Lincoln Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Photography in Black and White

When we started in photography we used to work predominately in Black and White. That was the days of film. The beautiful thing about Digital Photography is that your are not tied to working in simply Colour or Black and White, so we work in both. All of the images we process will come in both a Colour and a Black and White Edit. And we don’t simply just convert the Image to Black and White, we re-process to make the best edit possible. To see a little bit more of work, take a look at our Black & White Wedding Photography Gallery. To get in touch and discuss your Wedding Day, send us an email at