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Cambridge Bar Hill Hotel Wedding

Bar Hill Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Cambridge

We’ll admit, we’re a little bit behind on Wedding Photography Blog! So as we look back at some of Bar Hill Wedding Photography, some of the names have change. We are in what used to be the Hallmark Hotel Cambridge, but is now the Cambridge Bar Hill Hotel. It is a beautiful Sunny Day in June and it is the Wedding of Matt and Nicole.

Bride & Groom’s Prep

I arrive at the Cambridge Bar Hill Hotel early. This was a Wedding Day where Bride and Groom were getting Ready under one roof, although in different Wings! So it was a wonderful morning of Dashing around. Getting the detail shot, the smiles and laughter as the Bridesmaids got ready. The serious look of the Groomsmen as they checked they looked sharp in the Mirror.

The Grand Ceremony

Of course, this is all building up to our Wedding Ceremony. The guests started to gather in the Bar, and the Groomsmen arrive to have a drink and settled the Nerves. There was a wonderful atmosphere as everyone went through to the Ceremony Room, and then we had Nicole’s Stunning entrance. We had an emotional Ceremony and smiles of Joy afterwards, and going into the rest of our day. That we’ll start looking at next on our Wedding Photography Blog post.

CB1 Wedding Photography

Based in Cambridge, we covered Wedding in some of the City’s Wonderful Venues like Queen’s College and The Secret Garden at Burwash Manor. We travel throughout the East of England and beyond. You can our Wedding Photography Work from near and far on our Wedding Photography Blog, and our Gallery.

Wedding Planning & Prep

You can read a little bit more about our approach to Wedding Photography on our Information Page. And there’s nothing we love more than having a chat with newly Engaged Couples a bout their Wedding Plans! So drop us an email at or give us a call on 07964 755 815.


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