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Documentary Wedding Photography

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Over the last couple of weeks on the Blog, we have looked at the Wedding of Elizabeth and Patrick at the stunning Leez Priory, a Wedding Venue close to Chelmsford in Essex. In our first two blogs looking back at their amazing Wedding Day, we saw the Groomsmen Arriving and the Hustle and Bustle of the Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready, and then a few of Elizabeth and Patrick’s Wedding Portraits.

As I said in the close of my Previous Blog, Wedding Photography is a mix of different Styles and Approaches to Photography. A large part of my day is spent capturing events as they unfold, capturing unposed portraits and moments in a documentary style. This approach of Documentary Wedding Photography is never more true than at the start of the Wedding Reception.

The guests have poured out of the Wedding Ceremony, we’ve done the Wedding Portraits and the group shot. A glass of Pressecco is on or in hand and people Catch up. Through this part I just love watching people catch up, share a joke and share the joy. It always creates the most wonderful images, and I always think that the best images come from each other, rather than people starring down the barrel of the Camera.

I had a Wonderful time capturing Elizabeth and Patrick’s Wedding Day. Thanks to the Elizabeth and Patrick, their Wonderful Guests and the Amazing Staff at Leez Priory.

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We cover Weddings all across East Anglia from our base in Cambridge. Although that said, we’ve travelled down to the North West, UKs most Westerly Point in Cornwall for both Weddings and our Overseas Engagement Shoot.

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