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Documentary Wedding Photography

East Anglia Wedding Photography

Leez Priory Wedding Photography

In our last Wedding Photography Blog we took a look at our East Anglia Wedding Photography from the start of Elizabeth and Patrick’s Wedding day at Leez Priory Close to Chelmsford in Essex. We saw the start of the days, as the guests gathered at the Venue, the Groomsmen had a pre-ceremony drink and upstairs our Bride Elizabeth and her Bridesmaids got ready.

After a beautiful Wedding Ceremony, it was time to get some Portraits of our Bride and Groom on their Wedding Day. We always like this time of the day. A Wedding is a wonderful celebration and party, but at all parties it’s always nice to take a quiet moment to the side. As well as a chance to get some beautiful Portraits, we feel that this part of the day allows our Bride and Groom that moment to the side, to breath and take it all in. It’s a nice touch to ask the Venue to have a Glass of Champagne ready for when we finish, just for that extra moment.

Where we can we’ll look at having an Engagement Shoot before your Big Day. An engagement Shoot just gives us a chance to get to know each other, and give us a bit of time to prepare you for this part of the time, so we can maximise the Time we have.

Documentary Wedding Photography

We’ve often asked about our Wedding Photography Style. This thing that we love about Wedding Photography is that it involves a number of different approaches, here we looked at our Portrait. But we also do the details of the Wedding Rings and Decorations. And a large part of our day is a Documentary Style, capturing things as they happen and getting the unposed portraits.

For a better feel of our Wedding Photography, take a look at our Wedding Photography Gallery, and there’s also something a bit more wordy about it on our Wedding Information and Prices Pages. To have a chat about your Wedding Day, head on over to our Contact Page.


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