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Cambridge Wedding Photography Slideshow

Corpus Christi College Wedding

On this blog we’re going back to Corpus Christi College to take a look at Sam and Madeline’s Cambridge Wedding Photography Slideshow. We like to be able to present your Wedding Photos in many different ways. Sometime it’s nice to look at the still, sometimes it’s nice to flick through a Wedding Album and sometimes it’s nice to watch it back on a slideshow.

The Cambridge University Colleges

The Colleges of Cambridge University are some of my favourite Wedding Venues. We’ve been lucky to Photograph Weddings at Queens, Pembroke, Fitzwilliam and of course Corpus Christi. The Colleges, even the more modern ones like Fitzwilliam, have a wonderful history. The beginnings of Corpus Christi they describe it on their website,

‘Corpus becomes the 6th Cambridge to be founded. Unusually, Corpus was formed by townspeople member of two Cambridge guilds – the Guild of Corpus Christi and the Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary, primarily to train priests. The college was founded in the aftermath of the Black Death, which ravaged Europe and killed many clergy.’

For the people that studied and worked at that them, the colleges become a part of their lives. It’s great to them see the Alumni get married in them, they get to observe a part of their History, whilst also celebrating their future.

The College are also stunning, whether it’s 14th century architecture, 60s Brutalism or sleek Modern design they all have stunning Designs. Needles to say we’ll get a few location and scene setting images of wonderful building, but we love having the opportunity to use them as our backdrops to your Wedding Portraits.

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