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Northamptonshire Wedding Photography

The Guildhall Wedding

Now, I don’t want it to be thought that I am not one for Tradition, I love traditions and finding out where they have originated from and some of my favourite Photographic Work has been working with the Livery Companies in London. As this is our Wedding Site, I should say of course this is second to Wedding, which themselves are filled with interesting Tradition and Ancient Rituals. Sometimes it is nice however to break away from Traditions, and with a Red Wedding Dress, a Groom in a White Suit, my experience of Northamptonshire Wedding Photography at the Wedding of Harriet and Kris was a stunning break from tradition!

What a Wedding Dress!

So we are at the Northampton Guildhall. This stunning building could only be matched by one thing, and that was Harriet in her Stunning Red Wedding Dress, Colourful Shoes and Comic Book Inspired Bouquet. Arriving also in her Dad’s Vintage Car, it was an incredible start to the day. Now anyone not reading this (I assume that will be most of you!) will think, why did he put in a Photo of the Bride and the The Father of Bride looking so Miserable, well because they asked me too! Having done their Portrait in the Grandeur of the Guildhall they wanted something a little bit different too!

A Personal Wedding Ceremony

After capturing some amazing Bridal Portraits of Harriets on one of the Guildhall’s amazing Staircases (honestly, you could have got a bit bored of them) it was up to the Ceremony, which in this case was The Council Chamber, and very Grand it was too! It was a small Wedding of around 30 People, so after a Wonderful and Personal Ceremony it was off to the Godwin Room for a few Drink and Canopies, before Harriet, Kris and their Friend and Family went on to Celebrate for the rest of the day!

UK Wide Wedding Photographer

Northampton was just a short hop from our base in Cambridge. We travelled further, but we’ve also been closer to home! To be honest we love to adventure and explore, so wherever your Wedding may be, send us a Message to chat through the Details and you can see some of our Favourite Wedding Photography in our Gallery!