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Surrey Wedding Photography

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In our last Blog, we looked at the start of Natasha and Kirsty’s Wedding Day and our Gorse Hill Wedding Photography. We continue looking at our Surrey Wedding Photography and the wonderful Photographic Opportunities that Gorse Hill Provides.

Wedding Day Timings

Now, every wedding day is different. Trust me I’ve been to a few, and they’re the same, but different. The Wonderful thing about Kirsty and Natasha’s day was that after their Wedding Ceremony they came out of the front of Gorse Hill, which the Wedding Guests headed out the back and onto the Patio. This meant that after all the hustle and bustle of the Wedding Day Preparation, they got a moment to themselves. With me tagging along!

Wedding Portraits

This gave us the perfect opportunity to get Kirsty and Natasha’s Wedding Portrait and really enjoy the Gore Hill Grounds. I joke that they are alone with me tagging along, but we do a mixture of shots some will be a bit of a closer crop, but we also like to take a step back and give you some space and let you enjoy a few moments alone and take in the feeling and emotions of the day.

While we work quickly and efficiently to ensure you have plenty of time to sip Champagne and noble on Canopies. We love to be able to take n these moment and enjoy a calm atmosphere during your Wedding Portraits. We also don’t want you to be late to the Wedding Breakfast, and we’ll discover a little bit more about Kirsty and Natasha’s in our next blog!

Wedding Photographer From Cambridge

From our base in Cambridge, we travel the length and breadth of the UK. From East Anglia to Kernow we are trying to tick off the places in between and Surrey is now done! For more of our Wedding Photography, check out our Gallery. And send us a Message to chat a little bit more about your Wedding Day.