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A lot of what we see of Wedding Photography on Instagram and Pinterest, is couples Holding Hands looking out over the Grand Canyon. And these shots are fantastic and if I ever get the chance I will definitely get this shot. However at most Weddings, we don’t quite have the chance for these type of extrusions, or indeed the time. On your day we’ll probably spend around 30 minutes on your Portraits, and this is more time than some days allow.

‘So what are you doing for the rest of the day?’ Hear you ask. ‘What do you do when we’re not all walking our bare foot to the Grand Canyon, cutting our feet on Rocks along the way?’ I hear you continue! Well I think this Blog looking at Thetford Wedding Photography and the final part of Georgina and Adam’s Wedding Day shows you.

We’re in St. George’s Hall in Methwold, there’s a great joke about that in our last blog! Guests are mingling and generally having a good time catching up. A Band plays, and speeches are given. Throughout this time we’re going around capturing all the smiles and laughter as guest interact and find out about the Groom’s sordid past. And this is one of our favourite parts of the days, and is a perfect reminder of your big day.

After Wedding Photography

If there’s one thing that we think is a great shame in Life, it’s that your Wedding Dress will only be worn once. That’s part of the reason that we offer post-wedding shoot, a chance to get back in your Wedding get up and capture some amazing photos with a different a perhaps unique Backdrop. You can see more of our work in our Post Wedding Photography Gallery and find out a little more information on our imaginatively title Post Wedding Photography Information Page. For any more info, just send us a message.