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Back Garden Engagement Shoot

One of the wonderful thing about Engagement Shoots, is that we can do them anywhere! Well, within in reason of course, there is Private Land, but we can always ask for permission and see what happens. We can go somewhere special that we might not be able to get to on your Wedding Day. The conditions might not be right, but we have the time to see it out. We can be in the Country. We can be in the City. We can go to Theatres. We can go to Parks. One particular surprise was when I was speaking to Nishita, and she asked of the location, ‘can we do in the back garden?’

So it was, that on a lovely July evening in West London I join Nishita and Fiancee Maher in their back garden for their Engagement Shoot. Just them, the props for the Photo Booth they were setting up and me. And it was awesome!

What I want to achieve most in my Wedding Photography, is show the Bride and Groom, the couple. The fanfare is all well and good, but it’s the character that I love to see, those little unique touches, and that’s why I love doing something a little bit different on our Engagement Shoot. So Nishita’s back Garden in West London was the perfect Scenario.

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Engagement Shoot are offered as part of Wedding Photography Packages, but we also offer them individual, and yu can see more details on our Engagement Photography Information Page. We also offer special Pre-Wedding Photography Packages for overseas couples. We can arrange Pre-Wedding Photography in London, Cambridge, Cornwall and throughout the UK. For more information take a look at Asian pre-Wedding Photography Pahes and our Asian Pre-Wedding Photography Gallery.