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In this Blog post we take a final look at Matt and Suzanne’s Wedding at Horwood House. In our first blog we looked at the start of the day as everyone got ready for a beautiful ceremony. We then took a look at their Wedding Portrait Photography in our next blog post.

In our last blog post, as well at looking at Matt and Suzanne’s Wedding Portraits, but we also talked about our approach to wedding Photography, and how we love to document the day and let it unfold in front of us. And this is what we about the final part of the day. With the Wedding Ceremony, Meal and Speeches out of the way, everyone gets a chance to be relax and be themselves, and this give a great chance to get some great shots.

Matt and Suzanne got married on a Summer’s Day at Horwood House. It’s probably a good job that there ceremony was late in the day, as it was a scorcher. But that did mean that we had a wonderful warm summer evening, and the guests were able to dance inside, or enjoy the late summer sun out in the Grounds. Either way, everyone had a wonderful time, and it was great to be a part of such a wonderful wedding day.

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Based out of Cambridge we cover wedding thought the UK. Matt and Suzanne’s Wedding took us up to Milton Keynes, but we also cover Weddings in Cornwall and through to the North West. We love Manchester, and we love the opportunity to work in some of the stunning venues, such as Castlefield Rooms and the McDonald Manchester Hotel. On out website you can take a look at out Wedding Photography as well as our Approach to Wedding Photography. To talk to us about your wedding, send us a message.