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Wedding at Horwood House

Matt & Suzanne’s Wedding Day took me to the wonderful Horwood House, not too far from Milton Keynes. Heading up the driveway Horwood House is stunning, it’s red brick imported from The Netherlands glowing it the late afternoon Sun. Matt & Suzanne had a late afternoon ceremony, which always catches me out a little as I always feel I should be a little bit busier in the Morning than I am!

I arrived at Norwood House as Bride and Groom were finishing getting ready. In different parts of the House of course, keeping in with Tradition. With the Groom in place in the Ceremony Room, it meant it was time for the Bride to make her entrance, so I ran upstairs to make sure I captured Suzanne and her Bridesmaids as they came down Horwood’s stunning staircase and prepared to enter for the ceremony.

And what an entrance it would be! And it was one of those Ceremonies that by the end of it, there wasn’t a dry eye left in the House! While it stated late in the day, there was still a lot to pack into Matt & Suzanne’s Wedding, and we’ll be taking a bit more of look at their beautiful Wedding Day next time on the blog!

Black and White Wedding Photographer

In my early days of my Photography, I worked primarily on Black and White Film. I loved that you could strip away the colours and distractions and see the shapes and tone of the World. While of course I love shooting Weddings in Colour especially in the wonderful late afternoon golden glow like we had at Matt and Suzanne’s wedding, I still also process my Wedding completely in Black and White. For a bit more of our work, check out our Black And White Wedding Photography Gallery, and to chat to us about our approach to Black and White Wedding Photography, just send us a Message!