LGBT Wedding Photography | Litchfield Guildhall Wedding

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Pagan Wedding Photographer
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LGBT Wedding Photography

Litchfield Guildhall Wedding

In our last Blog Post we took a look at Jake and Kevin’s Handfasting, the tradition Pagan Wedding Ceremony. Today we continue to take a look at their Wedding Day and rejoin them as the Champagne was being poured, speeches being made and the toasts being, erm well, toasted.

It was the fist time that I had been to a Handfasting Ceremony and it was wonderful to be a part of. The Ceremony is very much based on the couple, with the colour cords that binds their hands symbolising different things and chosen by the couple.

I’m to going to lie, Speeches can be a little hit and miss sometimes. A bit too much of a reliance on improv, a misjudgement of the crowds and if they need to hear the sordid details of the past, and sometime just a bit too long! But the speeches on this day were perfectly judged. The Grooms were ribbed a bit, to the raptors laughter of the crowd. People were thanked and smiles and hugs exchanged. Emotions were laid bare with more than a few tears around the room.

The band then started up and everyone hit the dance floor to dance the night away, with a small interruption for cutting the wedding cake (the most important part of the day in my mind!). Then the band broke into a series of David Bowie covers and everyone bounced back onto the dance floor.


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