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Wedding Photography in Black & White

Black & White Photography

If you’ve ready a few of our Wedding Photography Blog Posts, then chance are you are tired of reading about how much we love working in Black & White. But we really do, some today we are looking a bit more of our Wedding Photography in Black & White.

We are going back to the Wedding of Patrick and Elizabeth at a Stunning Wedding Venue outside of Chelmsford, Leez Priory. It was a wonderful day, and this stunning day and the way that the Venue really lends itself to Black & White Photography. The Stunning Vistas as the Bride and the Bridal Party walk through the grounds to the Wedding Ceremony. The Historic Keep that dominates the Vista. The Windows in the Ceremony Room that bathes us in natural Light throughout the Ceremony.

Black and White we find changes the Focus of the Image. Colour gets replaced by Lines and shape. We feel it bring your eye to a different part of the Image, and can often evoke a different emotion.

Patrick and Elizabetn’s Wedding Day was amazing. So it is wonderful to be able to revisit it. To take a look at their day in Colour, see our earlier Wedding Photography Blog Post.

Wedding Photography Packages

In the days of Film, Black & White was our preferred spectrum to work in. In the days of Digital, we are able to process in both Colour and Black & White, so we don’t have to make that choice! As a result we include all delivered images in both Colour and Black & White, so you can see the whole story of your day.

You can see a bit more of our Black & White work in our Black & White Wedding Photography Gallery. For a bit more information about our approach to Wedding Photography, head over to our Wedding Photography Information Page. For a chat about your Wedding head, head over to our Contact Page.