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In a time that now feels like another World, we headed to Bramford for the Wedding of Leighanna and Jamie. I realise that I may have mixed up sayings and metaphors here, but these are slightly strange times we live in. So it is wonderful to be able to take a look back at a bit of old Normal, that will be the resumed Normal at some stage, and look back to this wonderful day and some of our Suffolk Wedding Photography!

Last time on the Blog, we took a look at the start of Leighanna and Jamie’s Wedding Day. We had joined Jamie at St Mary’s Church, as the Groomsmen arrived and did their duties and made the final Wedding Day Preparation. Then it was time for our Wedding Guests to arrive, before the Bride and Bridal Party Arrived.

After a wonderful Wedding Ceremony, it was time to get some Wedding Day Portraits of our Bride and Groom. In Bramford we were blessed with a beautiful Countryside backdrop. So we were able to take a short walk with a couple to get some stunning images.

Of course, a Wedding Day is also a Celebration. And we’ll be looking at how Leighanna and Jamie and their Wedding Guests Celebrated in our next Wedding Photography Blog.

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We know that at the moment Wedding are a bit up in the air, and we feel for all the couples that have had to put their plans on Hold. We recommend check the Government Guidance, events at the time of writing, of up to 30 people are permitted. Whatever your plans, we look forward to seeing everyone getting together again to celebrate the Union of Two People.

If you are planning a Wedding at the moment, then you can find a bit more about our approach to Wedding Photography on our Wedding Photography Information Page, and see a bit more of our work in our Wedding Photography Gallery. Get In Touch to have a chat about your Wedding Day and we’re happy to give any help or advice that we can.