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The Barn Brasserie Wedding

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Earlier in the week on our Wedding Photography Blog, we took a look at the start of Ben and Leaha’s Wedding Day. On this occasion, I was second shooting for my good friend Richard Hartley. This meant I was able to spend the Morning with Ben and his Groomsmen, before they headed to The Barn Brasserie, before a beautiful Ceremony saw Ben and Leaha Tie The Knot.

Being a Second Shooter means that you can take a look at the day from a slightly different angle. This is especially true during the Group Shots, why while the main Photographer is lining everything up, you’re free to get some of the other stories happening around the day.

From Group Shots it was time for everyone to enjoy the Wedding Reception. What I find wonderful about the Wedding Day is the way it brings people together, those that haven’t seen each other in a long time, as well as the regular Friday night crowd. They are all there to celebrate the Bride and Groom’s Wedding Day, and we’ll be taking our last look at Ben & Leaha’s day in our next blog.

Black and White Wedding Photographer

Not feature too much on this post, we actually work a lot in Black and White. As a developing Photographer, my preference was to work in Black and White. Of course in the days of Film, the choice had to be made the moment you put the Film in Camera, and that was the working medium for the next 12, 24 to 36 Frames.

In the day of Digital Photography, we are able to process in both Colour and Black and White, so for all our shoots, we do! To see a bit more of our Mono work, head over to our Black and White Wedding Photography Gallery. For a bit more on approach to Wedding Photography, check out Wedding Information and Prices Page. To have a chat, head on over to our contact page.