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Corpus Christi College Wedding Photographer

Cambridge University Wedding Photography

One of my favourite things about being a Wedding Photographer based in Cambridge, is that there are so many wonderful Wedding Venues in The Cambridge University Colleges. The Wedding of Sam and Madeline took me for the first time took me to the Wonderful Corpus Christi College. With a number of amazing Photographic Opportunities, and Sam and Madeline’s family and friends all together to celebrate their Wedding Day, it was going to be amazing.

Wedding Ceremony Photography

We began the day just before the Wedding Ceremony, as the Groomsmen arrived and made the final check in Corpus Christi College’s Chapel. We actually arrived as the Choir were warming up, which fill the chapel with both a wonderful Sound and Feeling before the guests arrived. Then, as people arrived it was beautiful to see the smiles and family and friends cover the smiles and come together to celebrate.

Bride’s Arrival

As the Groomsmen and Guests have arrived, we rushed over the campus of Corpus Christi to see Madeline come down from her Bridal preparation. Our Bride and her Bridesmaids then walked across the Beautiful Campus of Corpus Christi to the Chapel, and then made a stunning arrival. We then had a Beautiful Ceremony in the Wonderful Surrounding with touching readings and our Bride and Groom saying all the right words at all the right times! We would then out out to the Grounds of Corpus Christi for the Wedding Reception, and we’ll take a look at that in our next blog!

Wedding Photographer Based in Cambridge

We love working in the Historic Cambridge University Colleges, and we’ve been fortunate to work in Corpus Christi, Fitzwilliam and the Queens. We have a Gallery of our Cambridge Queens College Wedding Photography where you can see more of our work. If you want to help us visit a few more of the Cambridge Colleges off our list, then send us a message.