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Wedding at Milton Abbey
Wedding Photographer in Thetford

Thetford Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Norfolk

It’s hard to believe that we are going back to 2016 for the next Wedding we’ll be looking at! I really need to pick up the pace with the blogging, but my ability (or lack of it) to get some images together and put some words on a page are probably not what you to read about.

So Wedding Photography! This is the story of a Thetford Wedding Photographer! And, in this case we are looking at the Wedding of Adam and Georgina, and it must have been one of the most personal Wedding I have every been to. Regular readers of this irregular Blog will no doubt get bored of how much I bang on about like to see people’s character come through on the day. Adam and Georgina took this to a whole new level, ‘I can’t take anything seriously’ said Adam during the day. Andthe Signing of the Register Photo and the Lunging Portrait shot would definitely show this to be true!

We began our day with the Bridal Party at the The Bell Inn in Thetford. The Bridesmaids were ready and our Bride Geogina was just having Hair and Make-up finished, before it was time to put on the Dress. If there’s time I love to get portrait shots of the Bridal Party, as long as there’s a window and some wonderful natural light, we can get some wonderful moments in the calm before the storm!

From there we were off to to The Old School Hall at Thetford Grammar School, where the above mentioned Adam ensured that a beautiful ceremony was done very much in the couple’s style! Including that most wonderful of Signing the register Photos! But backtracking just a moment the bridesmaid transportation to the ceremony was by photo! This was a wonderful sight and gave the day a slightly Mediterranean feel! The weather for the day wouykldn’t alway make us feel that! And we’ll taking a look at the rest of the day in our next blog!

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