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A few month back on the Blog we took a look at Nishita and Maher’s Engagement Shoot, where we proved that an Engagement Shoot almost anywhere, as there location was, their back garden! And the same is true of our Post Wedding Shoot, with enough notice and a few contacts, the possibility are endless!

We recently had a shoot with the wonderful Mischkah, in order to show the stunning vintage Wedding Dress that we have available for our Overseas Engagement Shoot. And we thought we show it on the blog today as a bit of another location that we can use, a Studio!

If your not a fan of the cold wind and rain, or indeed the heat and sunshine, then there’s always the option to head to a studio, and hide from whatever Weather might be outside! There’s also a number of Studios that we can use, each with a different look and style. We can use Studio Lighting to set a dynamic and moody lighting style, or we can use a natural light Studio, and use some wonderful soft Light Portraits.

A studio also give a chance to be away from the Crowds, so if you feel a bit nervous at a location, a Studio might allow you to be a bit more yourself. We also have the chance to do something really different to your Wedding Day Photos, and really allow your characters and Personalities to shine through in the whole shott.

To see more of our Trash The Dress and Post Wedding Shoots, check out our Gallery, and for a bit more information check out our Trash The Dress Shoot Information Page. If you would like to chat to us about your Wedding Photography or a Trash The Dress Shoots, head over to our Contact Page.