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Wedding at Corpus Christi

When you spend most of the wedding charging around with a camera, potentially looking like a man possessed, but hoping that you look like the Swan above the water line, it nice for things to slow down. Eventually! We’re at the Wedding of Sam & Madeline, in our first blog we looked at their Wedding Ceremony in Corpus Christi’s Stunning Chapel. Then we looked at family and friends coming together to celebrate the Wedding in it’s stunning surroundings, and now we’ve just done the group shots.

Wedding Schedule

So for now it’s time to charge up to the Dining Hall and get some quick shots of the room laid out for the Wedding Breakfast, before the guest head in and the festivities begin. But then this also give us our opportunity to slow down.

Because as the guests are called in and look for their places amongst the grandeur, I hold back with Sam and Madeline to get some portraits of them with the Historic Corpus Christi as our backdrop. I enjoy these moments away from the Hustle and Bustle and also think that it’s a wonderful chance for our Wedded Couple to take it all in.

It was wonderful to have the Opportunity to shoot a Wedding in surroundings of another one of the Cambridge Colleges and be with Sam, Madeline and their Family and Friends. There be a few more of these wonderful historic institutions on the Blog soon!

Photographer of Weddings from Cambridgeshire

Indeed, we are based in Cambridge but tackle photographic assignments throughout the UK and occasionally Internationally. Within Cambridge there’s nothing we enjoy more than the opportunity to be a Cambridge Colleges Wedding Photographer and Shoot in the Historic Colleges of Cambridge University such as Corpus Christi, Queens and we are looking forward to returning to Fitzwilliam in a couple of Weeks time. We’ve previously put our Queens Wedding Photography on our Blog. For a little more on our approach to Wedding Photography, take a look at our information page.


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