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Going back to March of 2015, and so coming up to their 2nd Wedding Anniversary, I was honoured to be the wedding photographer for my good friend Sophie! She married the wonderful Timi, on a day of smiles, laughter and wonderful wedding traditions!

Our venue for the day was the wonderful Cavendish Country House, a wonderful wedding venue in North West London. Cavendish Country House wonderfully mixes the Tradition, with a few splendid quirks that makes the venue stand out from others.

This is where my day started, I met up with Timi and the Groomsmen to get a few shots of them as they waited for our Bride’s arrival. There was a few butterflies, but they all flew in formation, so it was all good!

Everyone was used into the ceremony, meaning that our Bride was arriving. Sophie look beautiful and her Wedding Dress was amazing. Of course there are a few formalities to take place, so as soon as she arrived she disappeared for a quick interview with the registrars!

After a few moment our registrars entered the room, the guests were asked to stand and the music played, and Sophie entered and the ceremony began. It was a beautiful ceremony, the ring bearer got the appropriate ‘ahhs’ and the readings got people welled up, and then the I Dos produced a few tears!

This was the first part of Sophie & Timi’s Wedding Day, and we’ll be looking at the next part of it very soon on our wedding Photography blog!

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